09-04 -2022
Introduction of Overhead Cable

Overhead wire and cable

08-04 -2022
How to quickly identify whether the workmanship of high temperature resistant THHN cable is inferior

For all people, safe use of electricity has been very important, high temperature resistant THHN cable has been acting as the cable in the construction industry, if the poor quality of high temperature resistant THHN cable is easy to bring trouble to our life, threatening our safety. Therefore, when choosing high temperature resistant THHN cable, we must polish our eyes and avoid choosing inferior high temperature resistant THHN cable. Because many customers do not know how to check the specific material of high temperature resistant THHN cable, and can not spend a lot of time to detect whether it is poor quality, how to quickly identify whether it is poor quality high temperature resistant THHN cable? There are several ways to do this.

07-28 -2022
What is the sheath line, two minutes can understand the difference between ordinary wire and cable and sheath line?

The sheathed wire is generally two or three conductors of parallel wire with insulated wire. They are more commonly used household wires. Special material selection and design make them more secure in terms of safety, and in the process of home decoration, with the help of this sheath line, but also can achieve a good appearance, safe and convenient use of the effect.

09-23 -2022
Why do some physical stores sell wires and cables cheaper than manufacturers?

With the development of human industrial civilization, electric power is widely used, and wires and cables are widely used in thousands of households. More than 30 years ago, in the myth, no matter upstairs or downstairs, the electric telephone was far away. Now, everything can be seen everywhere.When it comes to the development of electricity, we have to mention the important medium of wire and cable. Less gossip. Today, I will talk about why some physical stores sell wires and cables cheaper than manufacturers.

08-15 -2022
What is the relationship between the thickness of the outermost sheath of the common sheath line and the quality of the inner cable?

As we all know, the quality of a product is good or bad, its first characteristic is reflected in the appearance of the product quality. Any product or semi-finished product, in the production process must pay attention to the appearance, strict control. And check. The sheath of the sheath line is the appearance of the cable, so the appearance needs to be round and smooth, uniform luster, no eccentricity (not exceeding the prescribed deviation), no mechanical damage, squashed, no visible debris, bubbles, bubbles, obvious particles, bamboo section shape, twisted shape, etc. In addition to meeting the above quality requirements, the thickness of the sheath also has a certain impact on the quality of the internal cable.

08-11 -2022
What are the differences between Rvv sheath wire and THHN wire, as well as the characteristics and advantages

Rvv sheath line is an important part of our wire and cable. So it's not that Rvv sheath wires are not better than THHN wires and vice versa. What are the differences between the two, the two sheath lines are suitable for different applications, what are the differences between them?

08-03 -2022
How can the wire be installed to use longer, you need to understand the benefits of wire wiring?

For building engineers, wiring is also a top priority, because the wiring can be better used wire more durable, some people just do not understand this measure, the wire procurement back to lay the use of random, then we will understand the wiring knowledge!

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