About Us
Ruiyang Group Northeast Cable Co.,Ltd
We are one of the leading factory in North China manufacturing wires and cables with over 20 years experiences. Our cables division has a very wide range of products, our competitive products are LV and HV XLPE Insulated Power Cables, PVC Insulated Power Cables, Low Smoke, Zero (Low)-Halogen Flame Retardant Cables, Coaxial Cables, Fireproof Cables, Aluminum Alloy Cables, Cabtyre Cables, Overhead Cables, Control Cables, Silicone Rubber Cables, Ribbon Cables, High and Low Temperature Corrosion Resistant Cables, Mineral Insulated Cables, Other special cables according to customer requirements and Cable Accessories.
12 months quality guarantee after delivery
Our Advantage
12 months quality guarantee after delivery
Free sample is available with economic express fee
Cable solutions to your particular requirements
OEM service available based on official & legal authorization
China manufacturer over 10 years experience
Excellent quality with reasonable price
Quickly and professional response
Strict quality control system