What is Solar cable ?

2023-02-27 09:32

Solar cable is photovoltaic cable, mainly used in photovoltaic power stations, with high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, UV protection, flame retardant environmental protection, long service life and other advantages, mainly used in harsh climatic conditions; Common models include PV1-F and H1Z2Z2-K.

Solar Cable

Photovoltaic cables are often exposed to sunlight, and solar systems are often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. In Europe, sunny days will result in on-site solar system temperatures of up to 100°C. At present, we can use a variety of materials including PVC, rubber, TPE and high-quality cross-linking materials, but unfortunately, rubber cables rated at 90°C, and even PVC cables rated at 70°C are often used outdoors. At present, the national Golden Sun Project is frequently carried out, and many contractors in order to save costs, Instead of choosing special cables for solar systems, ordinary PVC cables are chosen to replace photovoltaic cables, which will obviously greatly affect the service life of the system.

The characteristics of photovoltaic cable are determined by its cable special insulation material and sheath material, we call it cross-linked PE, after irradiation accelerator irradiation, the molecular structure of cable material will change, so as to provide its performance.

The difference between photovoltaic cable and ordinary cable

1. Photovoltaic cable:

Conductor: copper conductor or tinned copper conductor

Insulation: Irradiation crossdegree-linked polyolefin insulation

Sheath: irradiated cross-linked polyolefin insulation

2, ordinary cable:

Conductor: copper conductor or tinned copper conductor

Insulation: PVC or crosslinked polyethylene insulation

Sheath: PVC sheath

3. It can be seen from the above that the conductor used for ordinary cable is the same as the photovoltaic cable.

4, ordinary cable insulation and sheath from the above can be seen to be different from light voltage cable.

5. Ordinary cable is only suitable for laying in ordinary environment, while photovoltaic cable can be used for laying in harsh environment.

Low Voltage Cable

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