110KV Dry type gis(plug-in) termination

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110kV GIS dry type cable terminal, including a capacitor cone, the cable core is inserted into the capacitor cone, and a solid filler is filled between the capacitor cone and the cable core. The left end of the capacitor cone is equipped with an installation flange, and a silicone rubber bushing is installed between the installation flange and the capacitor cone. A multi-point contactor is installed on the right side of the capacitor cone, and the other end of the multi-point contactor is connected to the GIS contact. This utility model utilizes the excellent voltage equalization of the capacitor cone to improve the performance of the electric field. The stress free cone is prefabricated in the factory, and the terminal can be subjected to electrical testing in the factory, improving the reliability of the product. It has small size, light weight, convenient and fast installation, and no special requirements for construction conditions.



额定电压 Rated voltage




最髙工作电压 Maximum working voltage




雷电冲击电压 Lightning impulse voltage




长度(带延长杆) Length (with extension rod)

310mm (583mm)



计算重量(带延长杆) Calculated weight(with extension rod)




SF6工作压力SF6 working pressure

0.2 ~ 0.6MPa

0.2 ~ 0.6MPa


导体规格     Conductor specifications




绝缘外径  scope  Insulation outer diameter




执行标准 Execution standard




high voltage termination

110 KV termination

electric cable termination

1. Assembly  

The whole termination is composed of two parts: epoxy bushing and plug-in splice.


2. Premold

The equipment or cable lines can be repaired or maintained without breaking the seal between Pre-insxalled epoxy bushing and the equipment.


3. Cone

The silicone rubber stress cone provides the electric stress control.Prefabricated silicone rubber stress cone is subject to 100% delivery inspection


4. Springs

The connectors with multipoint contact springs are used to provide good contact with conductors.The metal spring pressure device can ensure that the stress cone is always closely attached to the inner wall of the matched epoxy bushing and the interfacial pressure is ensured.



The cable fixing and sealing device of the Termination will be connected with the outer sheath of the cable to play the role of fixing and mechanical protection, which can provide a separate grounding.No special tools or brazing are required for termination installation.The bottom flange and the termination can be grounded separately.Dry type interface, no oil



When it is necessary to replace the old oil-filled Termination installed in the transformer or oil-filled insulated switchgear, the extension rod and fixing ring can be selected to match the Termination outgoing line position.


Size:    IEC62271 -209GB/T22381IEC60859

Test:   GB/T 18890GB/T11017

high voltage termination

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