• RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
  • RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
  • RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
  • RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
  • RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable
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15 Working days after received payment
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5000 Kilometers per Week
RVS Twisted-Pair Duplex Power Cable

Duplex Cable
ISO9001/ISO14001 /OHSAS18001/CCC
Different colors
Buliding wire


Detailed Description

The product is fit for a crated voltage 450/750V and below of domestic electrical appliances of smaller size electric tools,instruments,various meters and motorized lighting installations.

Use characteristics

1. Rated temperature: 70°C;

2. Rated voltage: 300/500V, 450V/750V  ;

3. Tinned or bare stranded copper or copper clad aluminium wire conductor 0.5mm2~25mm2;

4. RoHs PVC Insulation

5. Passed GB 18380.1 vertical flame test;

6. Uniform insulation thickness to ensureeasy stripping and cutting;

7. Resistant to acids, oil, alkali, moisture and fungus  .

 our service

1.Quickly and professional response;

2. China manufacturer with 8 years experience;

3. Excellent quality with reasonable price;

4. Sufficient support for our tendering representatives;

5. OEM service available based on official & legal authorization;

6. Strict quality control system;

7. Faster lead time than our competitors;

8. Cable solutions to your particular requirements;

9. Free sample is available with economic express fee;

10.12 months quality guarantee after delivery.

Twisted-Pair Cable

PVC insulation flexible wire(GB/T5023.3-2008)
Model NameVoltage(V)Nominal section(mm2)Number/diameter of core (mm)
RV Copper core PVC insulation jointed flexible line300/5000.3 to 1.016/0.15 to 32/0.2
300/5001.5 to 1030/0.25 to 80/0.30
RVB Copper core PVC insulation paralled jonted flexible line300/3002×0.3 to 2×1.02×16/0.15 to 2×32/0.20
RVSCopper core PVC insulation twisted joint flexible line300/3002×0.3 to 2×0.752×16/0.15 to 2×32/0.15
RVV Copper core PVC insulation sheath paralled joint flexible line300/5002×0.75 to 5×2.52×24/0.2 to 5×49/0.25
RVVB Copper core PVC insulation sheath paralled joint flexible line300/3002×0.5 to 2×0.752×16/0.2 to 2×24/0.2
RV-105 Copper core heat-resistance 105 PVC insulation joint flexible line450/7500.5 to 616/0.2 to 84/0.30
RVS 300/300V
Nominal section (mm²)Number/diameter of core (mm)Maximum outer diameter (mm²)Reference weight(Kg/Km)

Duplex Cable


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Twisted-Pair Cable

Duplex Cable

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